Wednesday, 19 June 2013

True Blood Season 6 Episode 1

True Blood Season 6 Episode 1 - Who are you, really?

Okay well it's back Trubies, another season of True Blood. Now as a lover of the books I was hoping that this season would bring Quinn, Sookie's Tiger shifter lover from the books but again I am disappointed. I know it's only the first episode but I have been reading some of the chatter on the net and nobody is mentioning Quinn, so I just want to get out my disappointment of how far they have gone off from the books.

Okay so now that is out of my system let's talk about the episode. Meh. I don't know what I was expecting but I wasn't blown away. I don't like this whole Bill being Lilith thing, I don't like that Eric seems like a wimp now, I want my strong, ruthless Eric back. I don't like his sister Nora, she's annoying and so is Tara, again. I thought it was funny when Andy's fairy babies went from being little babies to toddlers overnight, that was funny. I also don't like how angry and mouthy Jason is. Overall it was okay but I was expecting more, maybe, it could be because we've been waiting so long for it to come back and when you wait so long and the episode is meh it's upsetting  The nice thing is we can finally put a face to Warlow, and I love that it's Rutgar Hauer (aka Lothos) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. One of my fav's.

Everybody makes it out of The Authority's headquarters, battered but alive, well sort of.

The building explodes with Bill inside but now since he's I don't know what he is able to walk away from it.

Bill calls Jessica back to their house and she, since he's her Maker, has to go because she can't disobey him Sookie joins her and they find Bill sitting there. Eric shows up with Nora and now Bill is faster and goes to stake Eric but Sookie protects Eric and stakes Bill in the back. We then find out that Bill can't be killed, as he pulls the stake through his body out his chest and heals. Jessica freak and they leave with Eric walking Sookie home then he gives her back her house, and to repay him she takes back her invitation into her house.

Jason, who walked away from The Authority's headquarters angrier than before and gets a ride from a nice man. He finds out that this gentleman is Warlow who is going to Bon Temps for Sookie.

Now I'm not 100% sure who this guy is and what his purpose is but I don't like it. At all!

Well until next week Trubies, it's been great.

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