Thursday, 21 March 2013


So I know I've been a little MIA again and I have a legitimate reason, well I at least think it's legitimate. Well his name, well he doesn't tell use his name he just goes by The Doctor. Yup I am not just a supernatural/paranormal geek/lover I am a Whovian and proud of it.

David Tenant is the main reason I became obsessed. I loved Christopher Ecclestone as The Ninth Doctor and I was really hesitant about David Tenant coming on as The Tenth Doctor and I fell in love, he funny, he quirky, he's just so god-damn adorable and I just love him. Before I knew it I was ignoring shows like Vampire Diaries to watch more Doctor Who.

I will admit I'm a nerd. I loved vampires before it was cool, let's go back to From Dusk Till Dawn and Interview With A Vampire (Ah Louis); I loved and still love Sci-Fi movies, Star Wars, Event Horizon, Serentity; I became obsessed with Harry Potter and I still am. I prefer a good action packed movie or thriller or Sci-Fi movie over a chick flick, with the exception of Magic Mike which has a horrible plot and crappy dialogue but hot men dancing, that I will watch. And now I'm into British television, well just Doctor Who right now with Sherlock on the back burner plus I still have Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones to watch.

So I guess I really should call my blog Living Dead Girl Nerd or Living Dead Nerd Girl or Living Dead Fan Girl. LOL

So just bare with me and I will get all my lovely paranormal show updates on here. :)