Sunday, 23 June 2013

Movie Review - Monsters University

Monsters University

Now I want to start off and say that I'm a huge fan of Monster's Inc, it is my favourite Pixar movie. 

I don't know if my expectations were too high because I came away from that movie with a 'Meh' attitude. Yeah there were a couple funny moments and a couple sentinmental moments but over all it was okay. But I do have a couple favourite parts.

#1 Mike Wazowski as a little kid, so cute:

#2 Art, this guy is funny:

#3 The girls from PNK

#4 Mike and Sully's fraternity brothers:

So overall the movie was okay, not fabulous but okay. I think my niece and nephew enjoyed it and really that's all that matters.

Unfortunately it didn't blow me away so it's not getting my 'V' stamp of approval. :(

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