Friday, 28 June 2013

New Guest Additions to Fan Expo 2013

Okay so they have been adding new guests for the upcoming Fan Expo 2013. My first post shows Norman Reedus, Lena Headey (who isn't even going now) and George Takei. Now we have more.

First we will add the first guest I was and am pumped for, other than Norman Reedus is:
Nathan Fillion
(Love Serenity)

The next guest to get me eager to go to Fan Expo is Hellboy himself:
Ron Pearlman
Hellboy/Sons of Anarchy

So I am excited to see the other guests I will post but Ron Pearlman has won my need for his autograph on my Hellboy DVD

Other guests in alphabetical order:

Aaron Ashmore
Smallville/Warehouse 13/ Lost Girl

Shaun Ashmore
X-Men/ The Following

Morena Baccarin

Colin Baker
Doctor Who - The Sixth Doctor

Max Brooks
Author of World War Z

Dean Cain
Lois and Clark

Alice Cooper
(Don't really understand why he's there but I think it has something to do with the horror exhibits)

Princess Leia herself Carrie Fisher
Star Wars

Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton
Terminator/Terminator 2
(I so want my T2 dvd autographed)

Ian Mc Diarmid - Emperor
Star Wars

Todd McFarlane

Zachary Quinto
Star Trek/Heroes/American Horror Story

Michael Rooker
The Walking Dead

Katey Sagal
Futurama/Sons of Anarchy

Gina Torres

So, so far the guests are looking great and I know there are more to come and it's only the end of June. Countdown begins for Fan Expo 2013

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