Friday, 28 June 2013

Movie Review - Man of Steel

Man of Steel

Well this has been a very busy couple of weeks at the movies for me. Usually I can go a month or so between movies and in the last two weeks I've seen Monster's University, This is the End, World War Z and now Man of Steel.

So I don't know what I was expecting, I have been hearing rumours that it was horrible, that it was okay and that it was amazing. So truthfully I was sure about it. I contemplated waiting for video or at least a good copy to watch online but the bestie called for a movie date and I decided on going. To start off I thought the first reboot of Superman was okay, it wasn't a gem but watchable. I'm not a huge fan of Kate Bosworth and same with Brandon Routh so this is why I was apprehensive. I was iffy about Amy Adams as the Lois Lane character and she wasn't bad, not fabulous, I am actually partial to the Lois Lane character from Smallville, played by Canadian Erica Durance. Plus I also liked Tom Welling as Clark Kent but seeing Henry Cavill I went 'Hello'

As Superman I thought wow but seeing him as a scruffier, almost dirtier Clark Kent hiding out in secret I had to say Yum, Yum. See pictures below

My oh my, this makes me want to watch The Immortals again.

Okay so onto the plot. Well I will admit that I am not a Superman follower, I don't know much about the comics. I'm a Marvel girl. Sorry. So I didn't know who the bad guy was but they did explain everything in the first bit of the movie. I was kind of surprised about how violent it was, maybe violent isn't the right word but more intense than the first reboot of Superman or even parts of the old ones from the eighties with Christopher Reeve so I was kind of taken aback. I grew up with the Smallville and Lois and Clark and neither of those where as Sci-Fi and action packed as this was. I'm not saying I disliked it because truthfully because of the action and big explosions and intense moments kept me glued to the screen, well that and Henry Cavill. I thought the chemistry between Henry and Amy worked and even though for some reason I couldn't completely believe her as Lois Lane she did okay. 

So the movie starts with the planet Krypton dying and Kal-El's parents sending him to earth to protect him. The bad guy General Zod kills Kal-El's dad and gets punished by their governing body and sent to a cryogenic type prison. Well the planet dies Zod and his followers get released and they make their way to Earth for Kal-El who is now known as Clark Kent. Clark, who is hiding off the radar, trying to be as normal as he can because of his alien abilities but when he finds a ship from his home land Lois Lane gets entwined with his world. Lois, using her reporter instincts finds Clark and wants him to tell her the truth. Zod finally comes to Earth and over the TV he tells the humans to hand over the alien, aka Superman. Superman surrenders and Zod decides on attacking earth. Superman does his best with lots of fighting and action that truthfully went on too long, way too long. I even started yawning, not only due to sleepiness but because it was just way too long. Not just the action scene but the whole movie. And I don't want to give away anything but at the end of the huge fight scene it took all the strength that I had not to yell out 'Seriously, all that and just boom it's done'. If you watch this you might understand.

Okay so to sum it up, if you like comic book movies you will like this, even if it's a little long. And this is how the first reboot should have been but that is why it's called a reboot. So overall the second reboot of the Superman franchise will probably be more of a success than the first. So I will give it my 'V' stamp of approval, even if it is too long.

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