Monday, 13 August 2012

True Blood Season 5 Episode 9 Everybody Wants to Rule the World

True Blood Season 5 Episode 9
Everybody Wants to Rule the World

True Blood's new It couple, lol. I love Russell Edgington and I love Rev. Steve Newlin so them as a couple kind of makes sense, they are both psycho's.

In this boring and overall not a very good episode really didn't provide us any thoughts of what is going to happen with The Authority or lead us closer to Who is the vampire that killed Sookie's parents and anything else but it leads us to WTF moments.

The first being, why is Emma a wolf cub all the time? It doesn't really make sense to me and yes I know Russell kind of leads the werewolves but I still just don't get it, it really doesn't click with me.

Next I'm very happy that the writers have finally ended the whole smoke monster stupid story line with Terry shooting his old army boss in the head saving Arlene. I love Terry and I love Arlene, they are so cute together.

I love seeing Lafayette back to his Season 1 and 2 quirps and comments like this episode's"Dead folk, why y'all got to be so cryptic?" while he is listening to Sookie's Gran telling Sookie to look under the bed for clues about who Warlow is but all she finds is a box with things like Jason's report card and other little trinkets.

Now the WTF moment:
All the people with the Obama masks that were going around shooting shapeshifters were part of this bigger picture. And the weird thing is Ex-Sheriff Bud Dearborn was part of it. When Sookie went over asking him questions about her parents death Bud's stupid girlfriend of the moment smacks her over the head with a frying pan. Sookie wakes up in a barn tied up with Hoyt who is all drugged up because he let Jessica go. Bud and The Dragon (the leader of their clan, his stupid girlfriend) tells Sookie that they are cleansing the world getting rid of shifters, everything that isn't normal. Sheriff Andy and Jason come to rescue and they end up shooting and killing Bud which was sad but at the same time I said WTF.

Next we find out that because of everything that is going on with The Authority that they have now made this weird looking guy the new Sheriff of Area 5. Boo!!!!! Anybody else think he looks like a vampire want a be, not an actual vampire. I don't like him!!!

Overall not the greatest episode but what can I say?


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