Tuesday, 14 August 2012

True Blood Season 5 Episode 10

True Blood Season 5 Episode 10
Gone, Gone, Gone

After a so-so episode last week True Blood comes back with a excellent episode.
With Eric knowing that he has to get out of The Authority's headquarters he enlists the help of the tech savvy Molly to escape. They drug Nora and plan to use her blood to escape but Bill turns them in. I don't get with the whole Bill thing, maybe he's just playing but I don't think so, I think he wants to live like an Sanguinista.

After caputring Eric and Molly, Nora and Bill force feed Eric Lilith's blood making Eric hallucinate again. This time Eric and Nora (who also took some of Lilith's blood) hallucinate Godric then Lilith shows up ripping Godric's throat out. I don't really know why Godric was there anyway except for trying to lead Eric in the right way but whatever, I was happy to see Godric again. Then sadly they got Molly with the iStake :(

I don't know about anybody else but when I see Eric looking like this I just want to hold him.

Then the new Sheriff of Area 5 made a demand stating that all the vampires start making more vampires to boost up their numbers. Tara doesn't agree with that so with the help of Ginger (who I love) Tara chops the new Sheriff's head off. Thank goodness, I was getting tired of looking at the Goth wanna be reject.

Next did anybody else tear up with the whole Hoyt, Jason and Jessica goodbye. I wasn't shocked that Hoyt decided to move on with everything that happened to him but it was sad when he asked Jessica to glamour him to erase the memory of her to break our hearts more he wanted Jason erased from his memory too.

Oh one more thing Mike Spencer a vampire????
I was not expecting that one at all.

Until next time Trubies, only two more episodes left :(

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