Monday, 27 August 2012

Fan Expo 2012 Part 1

My day at Fan Expo 2012 in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre

First I want to say it was awesome. I had a lot of fun except for a couple irritations but other than that it was fantastic and I can't wait until next year, or Comic Con in March in Toronto

The highlight for me was the autographs I got: I got to meet Chris Sarandon who was in The Nightmare Before Chrsitmas as Jack Skellington and Fright Night. He was super nice. Next was Nelsan Ellis from True Blood, he plays Lafayette and he was great. He was cool. Next I got a picture from acclaimed artist Tony Moore whose work has been seen in The Walking Dead comics. Here's some pics:
Pretty Cool Eh!!!!!
Here is some of the cool pics of the celebrities I saw:
 Alan Tudyk - Serenity
Chris Sarandon signing my autograph
Christopher Lloyd - Back to the Future & Addams Family
James Marsters - Buffy the Vampire Slayer & House on Haunted Hill
John Carpenter - Halloween plus many more
Lou Ferrigno - The Original Hulk
Nelsan Ellis - True Blood
Norman Reedus - The Walking Dead & Boondock Saints
Rose McGowan - Jawbreaker & Grindhouse
Stan Lee
Tony Todd - Candyman
So overall I had a great time and saw some great people.
My next post will be pictures from the Frankenweenie exhibit

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