Monday, 9 July 2012

True Blood Season 5 Episode 5
Let's Boot and Rally

So what we were all waiting for all season, and last season didn't happen because Sookie who was drunk puked on Alcide :( Poor Alcide

I thought Sookie drunk was hilarious especially when she said something in the area of 'A 3000 year old vampire wants to drink my blood(something like that) it must be Thursday' was funny

Now Bill & Eric are off to find Russell before they are staked by their handy iStakes (pretty cool idea but not good for the vamps)
And shockingly they find Russell looking better than I thought he would have

The episode was good, and surprisingly Tara didn't annoy me like she usually does but this so called sub plot with Terry and this stupid fire monster thing is kind of stupid. I mean it doesn't even really make sense at all and I know it's just filler but at least with the Jason and Andy and fairy sub plot makes sense because of Sookie's ancestors being fairies and the sub plot with Sam and Luna kind of makes sense except it was sad seeing their friends shot then they got shot themselves. But when Luna's little girl changes into that little wolf cub was really cute.

Well overall I give this episode 4 True Blood's out of 5

Until next time Trubies, have a fangtastic week :)

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