Thursday, 19 July 2012

San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con

Well is anybody else sad that they never made it to Comic Con in San Diego this year???
Well I am one sad Living Dead Girl

There was so much to see, so many panels to go to, so many booths to see, so many celebrities to see, so many costumes to see and so many other geeks and nerds to meet. My goal is to be there next year but we will see.

The list of the panels that I most wanted to be at:

1. True Blood

2. Supernatural

3. Vampire Diaries

4. Being Human (The American Version)

I know I'm probably missing some other fabulous shows and if I am I apologize but man I wish I was there :)

I want all readers of this blog to leave a comment telling me what show's panel you wish you were able to sit at. I'm really interested in seeing what my vistors like :)

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