Sunday, 3 February 2013

Being Human Season 3 Episode 3

Being Human Season 3 Episode 3

Episode 3 The Teens They Are A Changin'

At the ending of the last episode Sally and Josh walk outside to find that ? was dead. Sally feeling totally horrible heads to the funeral home hoping to run into his ghost. And boy does she. Sally tries to make things right but he doesn't accept her apology, well can you blame him, she knew that she had to stay away from the people that knew her when she was alive and look what happens.
Josh then shows up to the storage unit to propose but when he gets there he can see that she ripped through the door and got out. Josh searches high and low for Nora and he and Sally even start calling every hospital looking for her then after a bit Nora comes walking in the door telling Josh that the twins have a father and that he's here. At work Josh comes across a young runaway with scratches from a werewolf and after discussing it Nora and Josh decide to bring her home and Josh plays the video of him changing. At dark Nora takes the girl out to the woods to change.
Aidan continues his search for clean blood with Henry and they are not having much luck.
With out giving up too much information for the ones who haven't seen this episode, at the end there is an awesome twist with this so called witch.

Can't wait for the next episode!!!

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