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Being Human US Season 3 Episodes 1 & 2

Being Human US Season 3 Episodes 1 & 2

So I love, love, love this show. I missed the first episode last week and had to watch it online and OMG. It was an emotional roller-coaster.

So a little introduction to the series (For those who have no idea about this show). The show follows three people, well sort of people. There's Josh who is a werewolf, Aidan a vampire and Sally a ghost. Josh and Aidan work at a hospital together (I know weird right?) when they decide that they want to live as human as possible so they get a place together. Well this place is haunted by Sally who used to live there with her fiance, well before she was killed.

This is the Season 1 Promo which gives you an idea about the show:

Now let's talk about Season 3. Well it's opened with a bang, a big bang :)



Okay don't say I didn't warn you

Episode 1 It's a Shame About Ray

Well fifteen months have gone by. Josh is human, Sally's gone to Limbo and Aidan is buried six feet under. We find out that Josh and Nora (who is still a werewolf) have spent the last fifteen months trying to find Aidan by interrogating vampires and also trying to bring Sally back from Limbo. Finally after meeting a psychic they get sent to a witch. She tells them that she can bring Sally back but it won't be Sally the ghost, it will be bringing her back from the dead completely. The witch gives Josh and Nora a list of supplies she needs, she needs the heart of someone Josh killed (that would be Ray {the guy that turned Josh into a werewolf} his heart) and she needed Sally's body. So Josh and Nora take off with their shovels in tow and dig up two bodies and ripping the heart from one. After giving the witch all the ingredients she begins to work her magic and after what she calls throwing the line to Sally in Limbo they wait for Sally to catch the line. After a little bit Sally does but she brings two guests with her. At the end Sally wakes up and tells Josh that she brought Stevie and Nick back with her. Now to Aidan who has been buried underground this whole time, well someone finally digs him out. This is a human who sets Aidan up in a basement and begins to drain the small remaining drops of blood out of him because during those months that Aidan was buried the vampires caught a disease and they were all dying off and since Aidan hasn't been tainted with that disease his blood is worth money. He is eventually rescued by one of Amish brothers and he feeds on Aidan but the disease ends up killing him while on the road and crashing the vehicle causing Aidan to fly out the front windshield. He laid there saying over and over again that he was not going to die but at the very end when he completely stopped moving he came back holding himself to his word of not dying. 
Great season opener!!!!

Episode 2 (Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The episode starts with seeing Sally, Stevie, Nick, Nick's girlfriend and Josh talking. We find out that after Sally woke up and after she told Josh about bringing Stevie and Nick with her so they had to go out and perform the same ritual on their bodies like they had to do with Sally. Stevie goes off on his own and Nick goes off with his girlfriend after being warned to stay away from people from their past. Aidan finally makes it to a phone and calls Josh and they go to bring Aidan who is starving home. Aidan seems off but he's back and that's all they care about. Sally who has been without an actually physical body for so long can't wait to get out to do anything so she talks Josh into going out as Nora locks herself into their changing storage room for her change tonight. At the bar someone from Sally's past shows up and recognizes her and after making something up she decides on bailing with this guy as Josh heads home. Aidan goes out to feed but since almost all the humans are tainted Aidan got setup by some werewolves but he gets rescued by an old friend. This old friend seems happy in his new life but all isn't what it seems. Sally who didn't do anything more than kissing this person from her past comes skipping down the stairs to find Josh who was sitting there all night. He tells her that he's ready to propose to Nora and as he started getting ready to go they hear police cars outside so run to check it out and see Sally's friend dead. After putting two and two together they realize that he died because Sally kissed him. Oh my.

Can't wait until next week!!

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