Sunday, 3 February 2013

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 12

Supernatural Season 8 

Episode 12 As Time Goes By

So this episode opens with a guy maybe from the early fifties tucking his son into bed then heading off to some ceremony of sorts. At this ceremony everybody gets murdered by a demon (bigger shocker right, lol) except for the guy in the above picture with Sam and Dean. This Henry makes a spell on the wall in blood and jumps through this portal holding a box that was given to him to protect from the demon Abaddon. Henry lands in present time flying through the closet door of Sam and Dean Winchester's crappy motel room. Henry keeps telling them that he needs to speak with John Winchester (Sad face). The boys tell him that John is dead and that's when we find out that Henry is John's father which makes him Sam and Dean's grandfather. Abaddon finds a way to follow Henry to present time where the chase and fight continues. We find out that the box that Henry has is the key to deciphering all scrolls, spells and surprisingly tablets. Sadly Grandpa Henry doesn't make it and he dies protecting the boys by killing ( well sort of) Abaddon. I feel kind of bad for those boys because they don't have much luck in the family department do they.

Until next time Winchester lovers :)

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