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Movie Review - The Amazing Spider-man 2

Movie Review - The Amazing Spider-man 2

So for this movie I got to experience my first IMAX 3D movie. I live in a little town that has a small theatre, 6 screens I think and 2 are only equipped with 3D, but not good 3D, crappy 3D. The glasses are huge and the lenses are tiny so watching 3D there is not enjoyable. So that is why I/We go out of town, better screens, better 3D, comfier seats. 

Okay so the movie was okay. I'm a Spider-man fan but I am not familiar with the whole Amazing Spider-man story, just the regular Spider-man. I know that the characters are somewhat similar, Aunt May, Harry Osbourn but in The Amazing Spiderman, Peter's love interest is Gwen Stacy not Mary-Jane Watson. I always felt the Spider-man movies with Toby Maguire were comparable to the Batman movies from the 90's, kind of cartoony and entertaining. Now I will admit I did not go to the movies to watch the first Amazing Spider-man. I was hesitant about Andrew Garfield as Spidey, but by the end of the second movie I'm starting to like him more and more, he just has that awkward thing about him, he kind of reminds me of a younger Matt Smith from Doctor Who.

The movie was entertaining and I loved Electro, I don't know if I enjoyed Jamie Fox as Electro but the character was pretty cool, all the special effects were pretty crazy and watching it on the IMAX screen I think made a huge difference. I think they should have left it with only one villain but they had to introduce two more and by doing that they left it open for the next movie. 

Peter and Harry, or is that a young Leo Dicaprio, kinda looks like it

He's not a gold digger but he's a little obsessed with Spidey

Can you feel the electricity in the air?

Hey Gwen, watch your landing

Hey is that you Paul Giamatti?

There you are Green Goblin

So overall if you are a Spider-man fan, watch it, you'll probably enjoy it. If you aren't a Spidey fan check it our for the awesome special effects. It's not the best movie I've seen lately, Captain America The Winter Soldier, but it's a good comic book movie.

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