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Ok, so let's talk The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale, Being Human Series Finale and Bitten Season 1 Finale

Hmmm, which one should I start off with. Let's go with The Walking Dead.

Before we go too far, if you haven't watched any of these Finale's and don't want any spoilers, come on back when you have, and don't say I didn't warn you!!

Who will make it to Terminus?

Should be called Hell

So for the last part of this season we have all the different survivor groups: Maggie, Sasha and Bob; Rick, Carl and Michonne; Glenn and Tara; Tyrese, Carol, Lizzie and Mika; Daryl and Beth. Making their way to find each other and to Terminus. This Terminus has maps posted telling survivors to make their way there for safe living. Well I'm not so sure of that. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is and surprise with this Terminus there is a foul taste with it. With Beth missing Daryl kind of joins this group of bikers who are on the search for someone that killed on of their friends and that is Rick. They find Rick, Carl and Michonne and Daryl offers to take the place of Rick. The bikers start to kick the crap out of Daryl, holding guns to Rick and Michonne while some pervert tries to rape Carl. Rick cracks and ends up getting the upper hand and bites into the guys neck killing him and saving everybody else. Glenn following the instructions that Maggie is leaving for him telling him that she's heading towards Terminus, Glenn starts through this bridge and was him and Tara crawl over Tara's foot get's caught and the walkers are coming. Glenn wouldn't leave her and suddenly the walkers get shot and that's when Glenn realizes it's Maggie and they have a sweet reunion, yes I cried lol. Their group continues on to Terminus and that's all we see. Then Rick, Carl and Michonne with Daryl show up and it was strange, and unnerving. Rick knew immediately that something was off and he was right. They try to leave but they are herded like animals to this area that has old train cars and by gun point they are herded inside one of them and find the other survivors of the prison raid. 

 The aftermath
Do not trust him.

Don't know what to expect from the next season but I can't wait to find out.

Bitten Season 1 Finale 

Together once again

So I've probably mentioned that I am a huge fan of the books and this season of Bitten has had it's up and downs. The upside side is I find it interesting enough to tune in every week, plus I love the guy that plays Nick, and the chemistry between Elena and Clay has gotten better and even though Clay is not the Clay from the books the guy that plays him is kinda hot. Downsides are they killed Antonio, which doesn't not make sense, they focused on the Elena and Philip relationship but I guess that helps build the story. I found it went too far off the books but I knew getting into this show that it wouldn't be exact. With the finale it was nice seeing Clay and Elena make up and get back together, and Victor Olsen getting his just desserts. I liked the fact the Logan disappeared with his annoying girlfriend and I hope that if they do make a second season that those two don't come back.

The Pack finally face off against the Mutts but on their terms and their property. Daniel Santos's main objective is getting Elena and probably killing Clay. Carl Marsden decided on making a deal with the pack to survive. Even with Clay being under the weather due to Santos torturing him, the pack wins. And that's when we find out that the man behind everything was not Santos but it was Malcolm Danvers, Jeremy's dad, who they thought was dead. 

 Santos you ass
 Take that asshole
 Sweet justice at last
This was just weird

So now with the season over I'm not sure what's going to happen next. Are they going to somewhat follow the books as in Elena gets kidnapped and we enter the world of witches and demi demons?? Or what?? Well I know I will tune in, keep an eye out for any news on this show and if you hear any rumblings leave a comment.

Now for the sad one

Being Human Series Finale

Do not trust crazy little girls in corduroy jumpers

This is so sad. I was not happy when Syfy decided to cancel Being Human. I know that Sally can be annoying sometimes and that where else and what else could they do to Aiden, Nora and Josh but I was happy with where they were but I am also happy with how they ended it. Spoilers, turn back if you can lol

Aidan no!!!!

I was sad that within the first five minutes Sally was gone, giving her soul to Aiden. And surprise by her sacrifice Aidan started aging and aging. Oh plus the reason Sally gave Aidan her soul is so he could (A) be human again and (b) save josh from the houses influence on Aidan, where Aidan almost killed Josh. So knowing that he was going to die, Aidan to protect anybody who enters their old, possessed house, he was thrown down the stairs hitting his head exactly where Sally died the first time and in his dying seconds he lit his lighter and burned the house down saving everybody. Aidan then returns as a ghost and he gets his door to move on, after the goodbyes he walks through to find his true love, Sally waiting for him. Tears :( Now with the house destroyed Josh and Nora move on with their lives and at the very end it shows them dreaming about Aidan and Sally and when they awake they scoop up their children Sally and Aidan and move on with their lives. Good ending, sad but good.

 Finally together
Where are the kids??

So, that is all folks!!!!!

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