Saturday, 8 March 2014

Week of March 3 to 7th

Okay so the last couple weeks the TV world was on hiatus a little due to the Olympics and now since we're back to normal programming I can tell you what I think.

The Walking Dead:

So everybody is still separated, Beth and Darryl are still together; Rick, Carl and Michonne are still together; Glenn is still with that girl from The Governor's team trying to find Maggie and they also have met up with new people who look like ginger GI Joe, GI Joe Barbie and mister mullet Redneck. I'm not sure about Maggie and her group, or Carol and the girls. But right now I have no idea where the show is head and sometimes that's a good thing and a bad thing, but I will always tune in for it.


With Bitten I'm enjoying it. At first they were kind of staying close to the books but now, they are way off and I think that was their plan. Kelley Armstrong the author, has wrote on her Facebook page that the show is loosely based on books and there have been not so nice comments left on her wall. It's not really fair that people are so upset about it. At the beginning I didn't like some of the actors brought on for the characters and I know that happens when people love the books so much but I'm not freaking out about it. People need to relax and if they are so upset with the choices that the show's creators and producers are making then stop watching it and let people, like myself, who are enjoying it, enjoy it. I guess you can't make everyone happy.

Being Human:

I know with my last post about Being Human I told you that if there are people out there not watching it to watch it, and that is still true but I found out last week that they have cancelled the show and this is the last season ending in April. I was shocked because I thought a lot of people where watching it because it's fantastic but apparently there aren't. I hope that maybe Netflix or one of those online TV channels might buy it up and continue on but I don't think it's going to happen. So I hope that it ends on a high note and believe me how the last couple of weeks have been going it should.


It just came back from a little hiatus which is great but I was disappointed with the last episode. I thought it was going to be fantastic because GhostFacers were back but it just seemed like a filler episode. I'm also getting so tired of seeing Sam and Dean hate each other so much. It's just sad.

The Following:

If there is anyone out there not watching this show you need to start, immediately. This show is amazing. The cast is perfect, the writing and plot are amazing, so amazing that you truthfully have no idea what is going to happen next, it changes like that and I love it. I would classify this show as a combination of Dexter and Criminal Minds and it works perfectly.


I am behind by a couple episodes and I will catch up hopefully this weekend.

Movie Review:

300 - Rise of an Empire

Okay I went last night with a couple of friends and my movie experience started off kind of embarrassing when I dumped half of bag of popcorn on the poor guy in front of me. Sorry :( I felt like a complete ass and couldn't stop apologizing and the funny thing is he ate the popcorn that landed on his lap, lol. 
We ended up watching it in 3D plus the theatre we were at had these seats called D Boxes, and for those who don't know what those are they shake and vibrate along with the movie, and even though we didn't sit in those seats we actually sat across from them we still go to feel it and it was kind of cool. I think I will try the D Boxes, maybe for Captain America.

Okay so for the movie it was good. I watched 300 the night before getting all prepared for it and the second installment was not bad. Very bloody, but with the type of movie it is it should be expected. I liked the aspect that it shows what the rest of Greece is doing while the 300 Spartans march towards their doom. I also like the back story of how the King God became like that and his reasoning of why to attack Greece.

Overall it was a good movie, with a good amount of action. So I give it the 'V' stamp of approval.

To end this entry I have to say RIP Harold Ramis, you will be missed.

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