Monday, 17 February 2014

Week of Feb 10th to 16th

So overall not a too crazy week in my world. Work, sleep, repeat, boo!! But The Walking Dead is back and that's a plus, a big plus. So here we go!!

1. The Walking Dead
We have two episodes to get through
Episode 9

This was the mid-season premiere of Season 4. I really hated that we had to wait so long but I'm happy it's not as long of a wait as the show Sherlock (2 years between Season 2 and Season 3). This episode focused on the aftermath of the Prison being taken over by walkers. Everybody gets separated and we come across Rick and Carl. Carl is beyond pissed off a Rick, who is beaten and severely injured from his fight with the Governor. They find refuge in a house and surprise Carl doesn't stay where he's supposed to and Rick couldn't do anything due to succumbing to his injuries (well at the time you may think he dies but he's Rick, he's good). Carl like usual does things he's not supposed to which means he gets trapped and almost bitten by Walkers but he manages to escape and it concludes with him almost shooting Rick due to thinking Rick is dead, then there was a knock on the door.

Episode 10

This episode opens with Beth and Darryl. They are just wandering around trying to not get bit without any intended destination. Next you come across the little girls from the jail and the big guy Tyreese and Tyreese turns and you see that he has Judith, thank goodness. Judith keeps crying which brings the Walkers closer and closer and Tyreese runs off to help some other people and that's when Carol finds the girls and Judith. They find out that there is a town up ahead off the tracks offering a safe place. That's the way they headed. Next was Glenn. I though at the mid season finale he was on the bus but apparently he got off the bus going back for Maggie and he wakes up on top of a broken bridge surrounded by Walkers. He makes it back into the jail where he loads up with his SWAT gear and heads out and finds a girl from the Governors group. They both leave searching for others. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob find the bus completely filled with Walkers. Maggie thinks the worst that Glenn is on there so they let the Walkers out and she finds out the good news.

2. So after reading my blog entry last week over I noticed that I forgot Supernatural. I can't believe I would forget my boys.

So like usual Sam and Dean are fighting. In the first episode of the Season Sam was dying due to the trials from last season. Sam was gravely ill and Dean did what he had to to save him. An angel said that he could possess Sam and heal him and once Sam was healed he would leave. The Angel who gave a false name lied, who knew Angels could lie. Sam did get better slowly but the Angel still had some control. While the boys did their normal case work Castiel, who is now human, went out on his own. He started working at a Variety Store and he even ended up getting laid, you go Case, you go. LOL. Well Case ended up stealing another's Angel's grace and became one of the Angels again. Now as Sam and Dean solved cases Crowley who is imprisoned at their lair helped from the side lines. No I know Crowley is a bad guy but I love Crowley, he's hilarious. The Angel that possessed Sam started working with Metatron, who is a bad guy, and poor Kevin got stuck in the crossfire.

3. Bitten
Episode 6

At the end of the last episode Elena went back to Toronto for her boyfriend's sister's wedding. While she was there Clayton and Jeremy had an unwelcome guest who tried to challenge Jeremy for Pack King. Jeremy won and he got Clayton to rip out the mutt's teeth. Clayton, who is trying to become more of a man than werewolf, for Elena to win her back called her upset with what he was doing and that pulled on my heart strings a little. Daniel Santos, one the of rogue mutts, showed up to the wedding. He has some fascination with Elena, and I get it she's the only female werewolf.
Now to go off the show. I've read the books and I have noticed that they have stayed somewhat true until this one. I knew that this would happen, this always happens with books that are made into movies and tv shows, they all go off at some point. Now I'm fine with it, I want to see where it goes but I was on Facebook today and since I follow Kelley Armstrong (the writer of the book series) she mentioned the back lash for Saturday's episode. People you know how this goes, movies and TV shows rarely stay true to the books and if they did they would be incredibly long. It would be nice but it's just not plausible. So watch it and don't judge it until the end. :)

4. Being Human
I totally recommend this show for lovers of the supernatural and paranormal world. You get a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf living together, it's great. Josh and Nora end up throwing a impromptu baby shower for their new werewolf friends but it turns out to be a big raging party for a pack of werewolves. Josh's sister, who is a recovering alcoholic, shows up and starts to have a panic attack since she's trying to stay away from alcohol. With all the werewolf people there it gets a little awkward when Aidan and Kenny show up drunk on blood and that's when the party gets started. Aidan is all depressed because him and Kat broke up but it was funny watching Aidan all care free. Now Sally, who should not be doing any magic at all, decides to try to help Josh's sister she gets sent back to the roaring 20's and see's a side of Aidan that she never wants to see again.

5. Robocop

Okay so on Saturday when we were at the theatre the plan wasn't Robocop but it was on. I was never a huge fan of the first one and I really had no desire to watch this one other than on video later on but I did. I wouldn't consider this as a remake more of a reboot, or re-imagining of Robocop. The story is kind of similar but at the same time not a all. I'm pretty sure in the first Robocop his family dies well this one their still alive. I think the common thing was in both movies Murphy a.k.a Robocop is a good cop and follows the rules and ends up dealing with the wrong people and dirty cops. 
The movie was okay, the parts where they show what is left of him in human ways was completely unbelievable and a little stupid but the action parts of the movie were decent. I've seen better but I have seen worse. So if you end up at the theatre and there is nothing else on in the action movie department, watch it and judge for yourself.

Until next week, toodles.

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