Sunday, 9 February 2014

Okay Okay!!

Okay Okay, I know I haven't been around posting anything lately and that is due to trying to get caught up on my writing, I'm trying to finish my first teen book and the fourth book of the Lilly Reed Series.

I've decided that I'm going to just make one post a week talking about everything I want to get off my chest.

This post is going to be longer because I haven't been on here for awhile so here we go:

1. American Horror Story - Well I enjoyed this season a lot more than the second season Asylum. This season was a written better, acted better, just an overall better show, but truthfully even though I loved the idea of witches and stuff like that the first season was by far the best.  FX Canada

 2. The Walking Dead: Seriously can this show get any better. I am so in love with this show. I love that there are moments where you shed tears and there are moments that leave you sitting on the edge of your sofa, bouncing up and down not knowing what comes next. The second half of the season starts tonight and even though I don't have AMC I will be watching it tomorrow :( I hate that I have to wait but Bell charges way to much for a channel that is part of Rogers normal package, that doesn't make sense.... Stopping there I will stop my rant :) If you are reading this and you don't watch The Walking Dead, do it, do it now. LOL Peer pressure. The first season is a little slow but believe me it picks up and gets amazing. AMC

 3. Witches of East End: So one day I was channel surfing and I came across this commercial for this new show about witches. It kind of reminded me of Charmed and I loved Charmed so I thought 'Let's give it a go' and I was pleasantly surprised. The season is short but fantastic and I totally recommend it for anyone who loves witches and who loved the show Charmed. Lifetime

4. Helix: Again came across the commercial and thought it kind of reminded me of the movie The Thing and thought well this would be a good show to watch when nothing else is on and I was surprised that it's actually pretty good. Syfy

5. Being Human: Fourth Season just started a couple weeks ago and wow. This season is crazy and we're only a couple episodes in so I can't wait to see what other messed up and strange things they bring this season.Syfy & Space

6. Bitten: Okay so when Space mentioned that they would be adapting the Kelley Armstrong novel Bitten into a TV show I thought 'Oh god no.' I'm a huge Kelley Armstrong fan, I love her books Women of the Otherworld and I was worried about them chopping apart the book and doing it wrong. The book is about the only werewolf woman in existence and her pack. I hummed and haahed about it for weeks then I watched the first episode, meh. Plus I don't know about anybody else out there but have you read a book and found a guy or girl character that makes you swoon and you fall head over heels for a fictional character, well that happened to me. The character is Clayton Danvers and he's fantastic but the actor that is playing him is not him, he's not what I pictured. Now we're into the 5th episode and I'm starting to like him more and more but he's still not Clayton. I will continue to watch it, I have even found that I look forward to watching it weekly. Space & Syfy

7. Doctor Who: I know my blog is called Living Dead Girl - Blogger about things that go bump in the night - and that may not include SciFi stuff like Doctor Who but I love Doctor Who. I'm obsessed with Doctor Who. On November 23 was the 50th Anniversary for Doctor Who and a good friend of mine got me tickets to it in 3D and it was amazing. Then on Christmas was Matt Smith's last episode, it was a good farewell, an too early farewell, but a good farewell. Space

8. The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaueg - Excellent movie, I enjoyed it thoroughly but I have heard from die hard Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans that even though the movie was good it really had nothing to do with the book and that Evangline Lilly's character wasn't even part of the book. I've tried to read the Lord of the Rings books but I failed, I found them to be boring. Maybe one day I'll try again.

9. Last is I, Frankenstein - Worst movie I possibly have seen. I actually fell asleep twice as we watched it. I thought by having the same feel as the Underworld movies that this would be good and boy was I wrong. The acting was horrible, the plot was horrible - Gargoyles VS Demons, that doesn't even make sense. Well I wish I could get my money back and my time wasted watching this piece of crap so this movie get a 'F' in my books

Okay well I think that's it. I could be missing some since I haven't done this in a while but I will update weekly or bi-weekly.

Ciao :)

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