Thursday, 6 September 2012

True Blood Season 5 Season Finale Save Yourself

Okay so I was just going over my blog and realized that I didn't post anything about the season finale of True Blood, shame on me. So here we go :)

True Blood Season 5 Episode 12 Save Yourself

So before even the opening credits Russell Edgington gets staked by Eric. :( This make me sad because I just loved Russell Edgington but at the same time I was glad that Eric swooped in to save the day. Even though I miss bad boy Eric I love this Eric too!!

So Eric, Nora, and Tara team up with Jason, Jessica and Sookie to go back into The Authorities headquarters to save Bill, Pam and Jessica. First I have no idea why Eric feels the need to save Bill but his need to save Pam is the reason they head in.
 Jason who was dealt a big blow to the head from Russell Edgington wakes up seeing his dead parents who are really against vampires. So heading into The Authories headquarters Jason is out to kill as many vampires as possible.

After freeing Pam and Jess and after Pam and Tara have their little moment together the gang got ready to find Sookie and Eric who are going after Bill.

Eric thinks that the only person to get through to Bill is Sookie but he's so far gone. He even convinced Salome that she was 'The Chosen One' and convinced her to drink all of the Lilith blood but Bill has ulterior motives by putting silver in different blood and by Salome drinking it she becomes weakened and Bill stakes her which leaves Bill the last standing Council member other than Eric and Nora.
Eric and Sookie find Bill and even after Sookie pleading Bill to stop Bill drinks Lilith's blood. This causes a strange reaction in Bill's body, he starts bleeding from every possible spot then suddenly his body bursts into a big blood pile. Thinking that Bill is dead Eric tries to comfort a sobbing Sookie but that doesn't last long. Bill slowly starts to rise out of the blood just like how Lilith has done. Bill lets out an inhuman scream then Eric screams "Run."

Aside from the vampire portion of True Blood the season finale showed Luna and Sam trying to save her daughter from Steve Newlin. The only way they could get her out would be Luna shifting into Steve Newlin, she does and tries to escape with her daughter but the red haired lady vamp makes Steve 'who is actually Luna' do a press conference on camera which doesn't go very good. Luna changes back into her form in front of the cameras that are live across the nation plus Sam 'as a fly' goes into the red haired lady vamp's body and shifts inside her turning her to jelly. Soon after that Luna collapses closing her eyes, possibly for good???
Next we have Andy's fairy woman Morella shows up very pregnant and goes into labour in Merlotte's while Holly, Layfayette and Arlene having a nightcap or two or three. Layfayette and Arlene with that drunken lady (crap can't remember her name) sit back drinking while Holly helps deliever Andy's half fay half human babies. After Morella gave birth (which actually sounded like she was having a orgasm) to her four baby girls. After the last one was born she jumps off the pool table, yes I said pool table and told Andy that those children are his sacred duty and they are all his then she left. Oh boy.
Overall it was a pretty good season. There were a lot of things going on like pregnant fairies, fairy clubs, Jason seeing his dead parents, Layfayette talking to dead people, Tara becoming a vampire, Bill going nuts, Eric becoming the responsible one, Russell Edgington dying not before taking over the authority, Terry's fire monster, and lots more so maybe they over filled it but I can't wait for next season. Already counting down the days.

Till next season Trubies

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