Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review of Resident Evil - Retribution

Resident Evil - Retribution

First I will start off with the trailer
Okay so the preview looked good and I was pretty hyped about this movie until I got there and watched it.
The first problem was the theatre (I know that doesn't have anything to do with the movie but it didn't help it) The movie is in 3D wihch everybody knows but our theatre in my little town has crappy 3D. All I got was a tiny picture but the 3D did work plus I have one hell of a headache the moment I had to put the glasses on. My friend on the other hand had double vision because of the crappy glasses.
To continue about the movie.
Well I am a huge fan of the Resident Evil movies and I thought with everybody being back like Jill Valentine, Rain and Carlos that it had to be good, right??
Well not so much. The first couple minutes was everything in reverse which was kind of annoying. Next Alice finds herself captive in the Umbrella headquarters again and again she is broken out by Ada Wong who looks like she wanted to kind of dress like Alice from the first movie with the black boots and red dress but whatever. Also why is the bad guy from the last couple movies now helping Alice out, that doesn't make sense at all.
It was just a meh movie. There was really nothing to it, I don't think it really progressed the story along for the Resident Evil franchise.
Yes some of the special effects were pretty cool but that's about it.
I give this movie 2 stars out of 5 and that's being generous.
If the Resident Evil franchise continues I have my fingers crossed that next time they will do better, a lot better.

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