Monday, 2 September 2013

Movie Review - Kick Ass 2

Kick Ass 2

Kick Ass 2 takes place not too long after the first one. Hit Girl, aka Mindy, is now attending the same High School as Kick Ass, aka Dave. 

But the moment after her Dad's Friend drops her off at school and he's gone she goes back to her Dad's place and continues training. Dave, who has stopped being Kick Ass, finds this out and decides that he wants to get back into the game and that he and Mindy should be a team. Mindy agrees to help him train but her Dad's friend finds out and tells her to stop. She goes back to being a normal teenager by making friends and whatever as Dave continues training. Dave puts a message online looking for other super hero's and he finds a group. 

This group is filled with some wannabe's and some who can really kick ass, like Night Bitch and Colonel Stars and Stripes. As Kick Ass trains with his new group Red Mist, aka Chris D'Amico decides that he wants revenge on Kick Ass and he then becomes The Motherfucker just after he kills his mother. 

The Motherfucker's only quest is to kill Kick Ass. He starts to assemble a gang of ruthless people but the worst is Mother Russia, she is crazy. The Motherfucker finds out who Kick Ass's real name is and goes after him but finds his father instead. The Motherfucker being completely ruthless hurts Kick Ass. Kick Ass, broken and bloodied, assembles the good guys and takes on The Mother Fucker and his gang.

I don't want to give too much away but this movie is not for people who do not like violence or people who can't take rude humour. I have heard a lot over my years and I can even have a pretty bad mouth some times but even the things they were saying in this movie made me blush. The movie is crazy violent. But overall I enjoyed it. It's not the violence I enjoyed or the language but I know the difference between a movie (fiction) and real life and I know some people can't see the difference.

For entertainment value Kick Ass delivers, plus it is pretty funny in some parts and other parts it pulls on your heart strings.

Kick Ass 2 get my 'V' Stamp of approval.

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