Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Face Off Season 5 Episode 1

Face Off

Season 5
Episode 1

Okay so Face off is back for another season. I just absolutely love this show. I have always been interested in make up and stuff for movies and I love the fact that Syfy has brought out a show allowing us to watch it be done from the beginning and how they do it. I've been an avid watcher for the last couple of seasons and I will continue watching it until it gets stale, which I don't think it will. Over this season I'm going to post the winning pic from the Foundation Challenge, a pic from the Spotlight Challenge winner and my favourite make up of the night. This season they have brought back 8 veterans from previous seasons and 8 newbies. I think it will be interesting and it's nice to see some veterans get an other chance.

The Foundation Challenge - Artists were to make up an original make up from one of the Masquerade guests based on what the person is wearing. The winner was Tate with:

The Spotlight Challenge - Artists were broken into two groups, veterans versus newbies. Each group had to create 5 mythical creatures that are cohesive with each other. One has to be a troll, ogre, pixie, faun, witch. 
The Veterans won, and sorry it wasn't a shock. I kind of knew that the veterans would be the first big winner as the newbies get comfortable but it will be interesting.

Here are the Veterans characters:
Pixie (Alana & Miranda) PS Miranda won the challenge

Faun (Roy)

Ogre (Frank, RJ, Eric)

Troll (Tate)

Witch (Laura)

Can't wait for next week!!!

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