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The Walking Dead - Sum up of Season 3 Episodes 1-6

The Walking Dead

Okay, so I want to start off by saying I love, love, love this show. I think I have to add one more love in.
For me I love a good zombie movie so when I first started watching the Walking Dead I thought even better, I get to watch it every single week and I'm in love.

So here's my recap of the last couple episodes:

Season 3 Episode 1 - Seed

So instead of leaving off at the end of Season 2 we jump months ahead. The group who have all fled  the farm are now starving and barely surviving out in the world filled with walkers. The group stops off at a house to rest and recuperate with a very pregnant Lori (I'm not sure if this question has already been answered or what but I don't think the baby is Rick's). Only staying for a short time they are run out by walkers again. Rick and Darryl do a little scouting and find a prison where they take up residence. Michonne (the girl with the armless walker companions) and Andrea, who was separated from everybody at the farm and who is becoming sick, are still together navigating the world filled with walkers. At the end of the episode Hershel who is out with the others gets bitten on the leg while searching for his daughter Maggie and Glenn. To save Hershel Rick chops off his leg with the bite hoping that the infection hasn't spread past it and just after Rick finishes they hear something and look up to find uninfected prisoners hiding.
Season 3 Episode 2 - Sick

Hershel's life hangs in the balance as everybody waits patiently for him to wake up. As Glenn stays with the women who that are watching over Hershel, Rick, T-Dog and Darryl show the prisoners what happened on the outside. One of the hard core prisoners decided that they were there first and that Rick and the group have to leave. After a discussion Rick helps the prisoners clear out another cell block for them in exchange for food. As Rick helps them and teaches them how to take walkers out the hard core prisoner Thomas tries to get Rick taken out so he can gain control but after Thomas throwing a walker at Rick and Rick almost get bitten Rick chops his machete down killing Thomas. Rick locks the other prisoners away so they can't get to his group then he returns to find that Hershel had stopped breathing and that Lori saved him. A little later Hershel comes to and shockingly he isn't a walker. Outside in the prison yard Carol who is expecting to deliver Lori's child cuts into a female walker's body trying to learn everything she can and unbeknownst to her she is being watched from the woods. Rick thanks Lori for saving Hershel but he doesn't talk to her about their failing relationship.
Season 3 Episode 3 - Walk with me

Andrea and Michonne watch a helicopter crash so they go to check it out. Watching from the woods they see a vehicle pull up with uninfected men. The men check out the wreckage and take the surviving driver with them but they killed the other surviving members. Michonne's armless walkers start to make some noise so they are found and brought with these new people. Ailing Andrea is administered medication and when she awakens she sees Merle who is Darryl's brother and who was left behind in season 1 as the group escaped a department store crawling with walkers. A man enters their room and brings the girls outside showing them that the man who is called 'The Governor' and the other people in his group live in a town protected by a wall from the walkers. The Governor visits with the helicopter driver and gets him to tell him where the rest of his group is and The Governor with his minions go and kill everyone stealing all their weapons. That night The Governor goes to his house where he looks over his town, he then sits down in a chair with a drink in hand staring forward, the camera pans over showing aquariums stacked one on another and in these aquariums are live walker heads.
 Season 3 Episode 4 - Killer Within

Michone who is very intent on leaving Woodbury tries to persuade Andrea to join her but Andrea is now feeling comfortable in her new surroundings. She even begins to help around the town and even shows Merle the location of the farm where she last saw Daryl.
Meanwhile at the prison, someone turns the alarm on and opens the gates for Walkers to swarm. Because of the amount of Walkers the group is broken off into small groups. T-Dog is off with Carol, Lori is off with Carl and Maggie, and the remainders are either enclosed in a safe area or off killing the Walkers.
Because of the stress and everything Lori goes into labour. Unable to give birth to the child in normal ways Lori decides to give up her life to save the baby, so reluctantly Maggie slices into the Lori in front of Carl. As this happens T-Dog and Carol are attacked. Not all walk away unharmed.
This was a very emotional episode and I will be 100% truthful and say I bawled my eyes out, *SPOILER ALERT* especially at the end when Rick breaks down, so sad, so sad.

Season 3 Episode 5 - Say the Word

At the prison Rick who is almost catatonic with grief he heads back into the prison clearing out, well killing them gruesomely. As Rick has his breakdown Maggie and Daryl head out looking for baby formula for the new addition to their shrinking family.
At Woodbury the camera pulls out showing the Governor brushing the hair of a little girl, the camera pulls out more and shows that this little girl is a Walker and his daughter, wow he's messed up. Michonne tries to convince Andrea that they are not guests in Woodbury but prisoners but Andrea is just not agreeing. Michonne breaks into the Governor's place and gets her sword back and as she sneaks out she comes across a cage full of Walkers. Michonne lets them out and takes care of them pretty quickly. Still not being able to convince Andrea to leave Michonne leaves Woodbury behind. Andrea goes from the street party to a what looks like a game of sorts. This games has Walkers all chained up and in the middle Merle and another guy fight trying to get the other one caught by the Walkers. Andrea couldn't believe her eyes, all the people of Woodbury were cheering at this gruesome festivity, even children were excited. The Governor talks her down.

Season 3 Episode 6 - Hounded

Resting after his rampage in the prison killing all the Walker's Rick leans against a wall breathing deeply, breaking him out of his moment a phone starts ringing. Warily Rick picks up the phone and surprising him there is a woman's voice at the other end. She doesn't say who she is or where she is but she says she's with others and they are safe. Rick finally comes to grasp with everything and finally goes and meets the baby who is now full with formula the Daryl and Maggie brought back. Daryl, Carl and Oscar start to clear out the bodies of the Walkers that Rick killed and Daryl find a suprise hiding in a closet, he finds Carol who they all thought was dead.
Going behind Andrea's back the Governor sends out Merle and other's to track Michonne down and kill her. They do find her and she gets the upperhand killing two of them but she is wounded in the process. Merle follows her tracking her to a town where he comes across Maggie and Glenn who are collecting supplies. Glenn looks surprised to see Merle and says that he will bring Daryl back for him but Merle takes Maggie hostage telling Glenn that they are coming with him.
As all of this is happening the Governor and Andrea hook up, man she must be crazy.

I am really enjoying this season and I can't wait to see what happens next with the Governor and what else he is hiding.

Well there are only two more episodes before the almost two month hiatus until February, boo!!!

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