Sunday, 4 November 2012

Supernatural sum up of episodes 2-5


Okay so I know I haven't been on here weekly to give you updates and my thoughts on the episodes of our favourite supernatural and paranormal shows but I've been busy and I know that's no excuse but I am going to try to sum up everything that happened in the last five episodes.
Season 8 Episode 2 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

Sam and Dean find Kevin's mom in dire straits surrounded by demons. After rescuing her they take her to find the tablet. They come across a auction of sorts and try bidding against other demons and even a angel for the tablet. To make things more interesting Crowley (who I just love) decides to throw Kevin in the deal since he is the only one that can actually read the tablet. Just when Sam and Dean think they can't save Kevin, Kevin's mom bids her soul to free her son. After the demons take her soul Kevin becomes angry with the Winchester boys and runs off.
Season 8 Episode 3 Heartache

Dean and Sam investigate two bizarre murders in two different cities where the victims' hearts were ripped out. The brothers catch up to the killer but discover that he is in a trance and mumbling words in an ancient language. Sam who is reluctantly back to hunting with Dean misses his life when Dean was in purgatory.
Season 8 Episode 4 Bitten

While searching for a werewolf killer, Sam and Dean find some video footage of three students who encountered the werewolf... and one of them were bitten and infected. One of the students becomes jealous of the other with their new life that he becomes one himself.
Season 8 Episode 5 Blood Brother

When Benny, the vampire that helps Dean escape purgatory, gets injured hunting down his Maker, he calls on Dean for help. Dean abruptly leaves Sam in the lurch, saying he has personal business. While he waits, Sam remembers how he and Amelia bonded, and how he was finally able to feel like he belongs in the real world away from hunting.
Well I hope that I won't forget to update my blog since I'm going to be pretty busy for the next month or so but I will check in. :) 

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