Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Face Off Season 5 Episode 1

Face Off

Season 5
Episode 1

Okay so Face off is back for another season. I just absolutely love this show. I have always been interested in make up and stuff for movies and I love the fact that Syfy has brought out a show allowing us to watch it be done from the beginning and how they do it. I've been an avid watcher for the last couple of seasons and I will continue watching it until it gets stale, which I don't think it will. Over this season I'm going to post the winning pic from the Foundation Challenge, a pic from the Spotlight Challenge winner and my favourite make up of the night. This season they have brought back 8 veterans from previous seasons and 8 newbies. I think it will be interesting and it's nice to see some veterans get an other chance.

The Foundation Challenge - Artists were to make up an original make up from one of the Masquerade guests based on what the person is wearing. The winner was Tate with:

The Spotlight Challenge - Artists were broken into two groups, veterans versus newbies. Each group had to create 5 mythical creatures that are cohesive with each other. One has to be a troll, ogre, pixie, faun, witch. 
The Veterans won, and sorry it wasn't a shock. I kind of knew that the veterans would be the first big winner as the newbies get comfortable but it will be interesting.

Here are the Veterans characters:
Pixie (Alana & Miranda) PS Miranda won the challenge

Faun (Roy)

Ogre (Frank, RJ, Eric)

Troll (Tate)

Witch (Laura)

Can't wait for next week!!!

Movie Review - Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Okay kiddies it's round two for Percy Jackson. Coming high off his success on returning the lightening to Zeus Percy is the hot shot of camp Half Blood. Well kind of. Clarisse keeps kicking his ass. Clarisse is the daughter of Ares, the god of war and she has it in her blood. The camp Half Blood is surrounded by a barrier keeping out all beings that cause them harm but Luke, son of Hermes, who also was the Lightening thief is again the bad guy. He finds a way to break the barrier putting the kids into harm. The tree that provides this barrier was created by Zeus because his daughter was killed trying to get into Camp Half Blood because she and her friends were running from Cyclops. So the tree, aka Thalia, starts to die and the only way to save her and the barrier they need to find mythical Golden Fleece that can heal anything. Annabeth, daughter of Athena, confides in the teacher telling him about the Golden Fleece and the quest is given to Percy's arch nemesis Clarisse. 

Percy with the help of Annabeth, Grover a Satyr, and Percy's half brother Tyson, who is also the son of Poseidon, and also a Cyclops, leave Camp Half Blood to find the Golden Fleece before Clarisse. The meet plenty of strange creatures and gods on their way, leading them to the final showdown between good and evil. 

During the quest Percy finds out the Luke is going to use the Golden Fleece to raise Kronos, a Titan and father to all the gods, and he's not a nice guy. Not giving too much away since it's a kiddish book you know that no one is going to die but things happen just not deaths and they succeed with the help of Clarisse who they find on the way. 

Overall it was an okay movie. I enjoyed the first one but I'm not a Percy Jackson fiend but I do enjoy them. There is some action and some comedic moments. It's a great movie for tweens and the young at heart. I will definitely tune in for the next installment.

I will give this movie my 'V' Stamp of approval. The only thing that would tip it over to the 'F' stamp for failure would be the fact that this movie did not need to be in 3D, there was nothing in the movie that made it necessary for 3D. So 2D gets my approval, 3D, not so much. 

Movie Review - The Wolverine

The Wolverine

Okay so I'm going to start off and say that I love the X-Men series. I've enjoyed each and every one of the movies. I know a lot of people disliked the first Wolverine movie but there are a couple reason why I enjoyed. First, it's an X-Men movie, Second, Hugh Jackson is just great, and Third, this movie had Gambit. I've been in love with Gambit since the cartoons when I was kid so when they finally added him to the       X-men movies it didn't matter if it was amazing or just mediocre.

So The Wolverine takes place after X-Men The Last Stand. Logan is having a hard time dealing with the death of Jean that he decides on stepping back and ends up pulling back from being the hero and moving to the Yukon away from anybody he can hurt.

Well after some hunters doing something to piss him off he finds Yukio, and she's great. She explains to Logan that a man that he saved years ago wants to thank him again before he dies. Logan agrees and heads to Japan where this man gives him an offer he may or may not be able to pass up. 

The man, Yashida, offers to take Logan's immortality away making him human and allowing him to die. Wolverine leaves not giving Yashida what he wants. Yashida finally succumbs to his illness and his fortune passes to his granddaughter Mariko. She immediately has someone trying to kill her so Wolverine stays to protect her with the help of Yukio. 

As Wolverine sleeps Yashida's doctor slips into the room and using her mutant power she is able to suppress Wolverine's healing abilities, she is known as Viper, and she is snake like, you know with the snake tongue and shedding of the skin, she's kind of cool. 
Wolverine trying to protect Mariko is vulnerable due his mutant power being suppressed and becomes injured allowing him and Mariko to get closer. As this is all happening Jean Grey is coming to him in dreams asking him to come to her, meaning to kill himself so they can be together again, it's kind of sad. At the end we find out someone who is supposed to be dead isn't dead and with the help of Viper he tries to kill Wolverine but you know Wolverine.... I don't want to give too much away.

I will tell you is that stay for the credits, just the first batch in the Marvel theme and right after that is a lovely little Easter Egg. It's not too huge but it didn't make me smile, okay well smile isn't the right word, how about grin like a fool. LOL.

Overall the movie was good. Not fantastic but not horrible either. I found that the cameras during some running scenes were too shaky and it was making me a little nauseous but other than that I have nothing to complain about. Also Jean Grey's hair is amazing, I'm thinking possibly that for my next colour. :)

So The Wolverine gets my 'V' stamp of approval. If you have a love for X-Men and comic book movies this is completely up your alley.