Sunday, 28 July 2013

Movie Review - RED 2


Okay to start off I absolutely loved this movie, love, love, loved this movie. I'm a huge fan of the first and I was not disappointed. To all the people who haven't seen the first movie RED stands for Retired Extremely Dangerous. Bruce Willis stars as Frank Moses a retired CIA agent trying to live a normal, retired life until he and other RED agents are hunted and they have to uncover who their assailants are. Frank becomes infatuated with a customer service rep for his pension cheques so when he goes on the run he heads for her and sparks fly. Joined by John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Morgan Freeman RED is amazing.

Now moving onto RED 2. Again they are in danger of being taken out, again. lol. Frank and Sarah are together but their relationship is struggling due to it's lack of suspense. Marvin, John Malkovich's character, locates Frank and Sarah telling them that he feels something is coming and he is right. The government has decided to wipe out their group, they even try to hire Victoria, Helen Mirren's character. She warns the boys and even a new comer Han Cho Bai, a old team mate of Franks are out to get them. Trying to find this weapon of mass destruction that the government says Frank and the others hid and elude the assassins is a lot of work.

John Malkovich steals the show with his crazy, unpredictable Marvin. Plus I have a huge girl crush on Helen Mirren, she's an amazing actress and in this movie she's even more great. 

If you love action, comedic, and on the edge of your seat movies definitely check this movie out.

I loved this movie. I haven't left a theatre in a while that I said this is one of the best movies I've watched in a long time and now I can say that. Plus this movie was casted perfectly, I don't know if I could even say that about another movie.

I definitely give RED 2, my 'V' Stamp of approval.